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The 19th Century : Romanticism in Art and Literature

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The 55 Best Romantic Comedies of All Time

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Automatically generated Publication Place coordinates. All else comes from that cultural imperative, all of our comedy and all of our romantic dreams. It is farce and inspiration all wrapped together. And the energy built from that vortex of tension makes for a vibrant comedic landscape. But American humor must always depend on the expectation of romantic celebration that we will live happily ever after. Although many critics would like to downplay the resonance of romantic comedies, until recently, they have remained a formidable position in our comedic and romantic cultural heritage.

As indicated above, any casual search for the popularity of romantic comedies yields a wealth of responses. The lists of the best rom-coms alone are compelling. The biggest challenge to the continued importance of romantic comedy to the preeminence of the United States as a political and social superpower is money.

The current landscape for rom-coms in Hollywood is bleak. It seems many feel that the long, profitable run of rom-coms is over. Both articles assert that the romantic comedy is in a death spiral, or sorts, and note a variety of issues that are challenging the form as a business enterprise. Of course, one reason seems to be a changing social climate that no longer responds to the formula. These are comedies of exasperation, not infatuation. If young people reject the premise of romantic comedy as a form for affirming both romantic and comedic dreams, we may be in trouble.

It may be more market driven and the perverse effects of social media culture, and the bizarre and stunted relationships that derive from it. Snap Chat me!

How many Transformers can there be? Romantic comedies, however, cannot participate in such a production model. Where do you go after a happy ending? Indeed, despite its detractors who claim to hate the happy ending so crucial to romantic comedy formula, it is not artistic integrity or creativity that is currently damning the rom-com; rather it is the business model that too often rejects any ending at all.

Nicholson also notes the effects of foreign markets on the romantic comedy. Ten years later, it was 69 percent, and it continues to climb.

Romantic and Transcendental Movements | The First Amendment Encyclopedia

If you want to sell abroad, make a cartoon or an action spectacular. Even if this is partially correct, the answer is to keep pushing the formula.

Mischief - Full Movie

If America is being sold abroad with its films, for the love of all things positive in our culture, we cannot cede the ground wholly to the action adventure genre. Audiences, despite the simplicity of the formula or because of it , watch rom-coms with an implicit sense of modeling the behavior on screen. That goes for domestic and foreign audiences. An interesting article on this behavior considers the effects or the implied intimacy viewers share with romantic comedies on the whole. An issue of Communication Currents August , offers an interesting look at the relationship between romantic comedies and viewers.

Idealism is not such a bad thing for reality. Romance is affirming and it draws out a complementary affirmation from comedy. And that combination makes America a formidable cultural power more than any other. We should all embrace it. If doing so extends the careers of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, all the better. Come on, Hollywood, green light more rom-coms and give the writers the chance to rejuvenate the genre.

Many folks hate the idealism—real or implied or inferred—that permeates romantic comedies. I am old enough to tell the truth: such people are tiresome. I only wish I could stand outside their homes, boom box hoisted over my head and blaring out anything by Taylor Swift. Comedic gold, romantic gold. It makes me happy just to think about it, which is the point of romantic comedies in the end. I love them for it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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