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This is particularly the case where EDP Early departure procedure is excercised.

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One such example is loading of crude oil in the port of Rastanura where EDP is common and vessel has to sail minutes after completion of cargo. This is also common where terminal takes more time for calculating shore figure loaded on board. In such case charterers may request owners to have the bill of ladings signed later by agent on behalf of master.

Bills of Lading: A Guide to Good Practice - Stephen Mills [, PDF] :: Marine Tracker

Whatever the reason, Master must receive explicit instructions from the owners about who will sign the bill of lading. In both the cases, Master must ensure that the letter of authorisation has all the element to safegaurd the interests of the vessel and the owners. The checks to be considered before issuing such authorisation can be.

If the break up quantities are not finalised by the charterers, Master may require to issue a common LOA for each grade and later issue LOA with split quanities. Master should be more cautious with the letter of authorisations if the agent signing the bill of lading is not appointed by the owners. If Master has to sign the bill of lading, there are few things he should be aware of and conduct himself in a certain way.

Signing incomplete bill of ladings: In ports where EDP early departure proceudres is involved, shipper may present a blank or incomplete bill of lading for master to sign. No matter what, these should never be signed. Format of bill of lading: The first thing for the Master to check is if the correct form for the bill of ladings is used. There are different kind of forms in use in shipping industry.

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Or these could be a form that is formated by the ship owner to suit their requirement. Master must clarify with the ship owners as to which form is in use.

One way for Masters to do this to ask the owners to send him the draft copy of the final bill of lading that he will be signing. Draft copy would have all the details of final bill of ladings inserted in it except the cargo quantities. Once the Master has the draft bill of lading, he can just compare same with final bill of lading before signing.

Bills of Lading: A Guide to Good Practice

Date of Loading: Date of loading might look a small thing but wrong date on bill of lading can have major implications. Date of loading should be the actual date on which cargo was loaded on board. If the loading took more than one day, the date of completion of cargo should be inserted.

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If previous or post date is inserted into the bill of lading, shipowner might be at risk of claims from cargo interests. That is because the value of the cargo varies each day. Whatever the change, someone Buyer or seller of the cargo will be at loss and they would pass this loss to the carrier.

Correct Cargo quantity: Correct cargo quantity is most important information in the bill of lading. This is the information that is in direct control of master and his crew. Master should follow the guidance provided in SMS manuals of the company or the charter party for the instructions to deal with such situations. Usually, charter party instruct the Masters to sign bill of ladings if difference in quantities is less than 0.

If the difference is more than 0. Freight Prepaid: There are usually one of these two statements regarding freight that would be bill of ladings. This is because of obvious reason that if the freight is not paid yet, you do not want to sign a legal document that states otherwise. A Master in his career can come across number of different kind of pressures to sign a bill of lading that he is not suppose to sign.

I personally have come across to some of these. Let us see what these requests can be. The terminal may ask the master to issue letter of protest for discrepancies in quantities and sign the bill of ladings. Another one, terminal demanding the vessel to leave berth within three hours of completion of cargo.

Whatever the case, Master must not come under pressure to sign bill of lading which he thinks he should not sign. Generally, Master can sign bill of lading if the ship shore quantity difference is lesser than 0. In one sentence, the request must be denied. In most cases the reason for this request is insufficient data due to EDP.

Master should inform the owners and charterers if any such bill of lading is presented to him for signing. Shipper may request the master to issue clean bill of lading with a logic that clean bill of lading is required for letter of credit from the bank. Is the recipient of the cargo under the LOI the same as the consignee under the bill of lading?

Ensure the validity of the LOI not time limited. At delivery Ensure delivery is to the party named in the LOI or their agent. Obtain evidence confirming the identity and capacity of the party taking delivery.

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Ideally do not release the cargo from the port until the original bills of lading have been collected. Enforcement Did delivery take place in compliance with the instructions in the LOI? Anti-suit injunction required to prevent claim by third party in foreign jurisdiction contrary to law and jurisdiction of the bill of lading? Only address LOI to a single named party.

Bill of Lading : Types of Bill of Lading & Bill of Lading Samples

Time limit the validity of the LOI. Limit the level of liability. Ask owner for evidence confirming the identity and capacity of the party who took delivery. Not to be confused with the invoice or "pick ticket" from the manufacturer, this document is meant to detail the movement. It will not contain information like payment terms or dating. You can find details on the invoice. This document is meant for the tracking of the movement, not the repayment of the debt.

It is the retailer's responsibility to read and agree with the bill of lading before signing it. This creates a paper trail for your records. Too often, the BOL ends up as a piece of trash for the retailer. The carrier takes good care of it because it's his evidence of doing his job correctly so he can get paid, but it offers plenty of useful information to the retailer as well.

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