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For you true Hamlet nuts, you'll appreciate the epilogue. The authors discuss the genesis and transformation of the play from legends and other works like The Spanish Tragedy, mentioned in the novel by the players to Q1 to Q2 to the play we read today. This epilogue makes me appreciate how the changes crafted into the novel came from a place of reverence by scholars of our beloved play. Respectfully and beautifully done! Jun 10, Darin rated it it was amazing. I was really torn by this at first.

It's not a paraphrase as much as a reimagining and a filling-in-the-blanks. Because of this, Hartley has no interest in following canon or "sticking to the story". Since Hamlet is my favorite Shakespeare, it felt really wrong at first. But I was enthralled by the story All of the characters are well-colored and vivid, and I couldn't stop once it got going. Excellent work all around.

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I'm not sure I'd recommend you read I was really torn by this at first. But as your second viewing of the classic story? Jan 11, Kathy rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , audible , Richard Armitage narrating. Damn, this is really good. Jan 21, Andrea rated it liked it Shelves: novels , audiobook. Ok so there's one reason, and one reason only, I picked this up: It says "narrated by Richard Armitage" on the cover. Where was I? So the narration, as expected, was excellent.

But then, the man could read the phone book and I would probably still pay good money for that. I hope But in all seriousness, the man is one amazing narrator. He can make even any story come to life, and just listening to his beautiful voice will be worth it. If you have never listened to him read anythi Ok so there's one reason, and one reason only, I picked this up: It says "narrated by Richard Armitage" on the cover.

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If you have never listened to him read anything, I suggest you start with Venetia or David Copperfield. As for his book? I wish I had read what it was about first not that it would've kept me from buying it. See above reason ;. I honestly expected a novel about Hamlet, but still with the familiar characters.

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This might be a bold and masterful stroke of genius for some, but I just didn't enjoy it for some reason. Also, what made no sense to me: The turning point of the play is Hamlets' realization that there is absolutely nothing he can do to avenge his father's death. But here view spoiler [Hamlet sr. Hamlet is, for some reason, upset that his mother married the man who so clearly had always loved her and whom he much prefers to his own father. And then when the ghost shows up, telling his son about being stuck in purgatory and all, the plot as we know it commences.

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Query: why would anyone care that the bastard is denied access to heaven? Everyone, even Hamlet, knows how awful he was! Now, I don't mind a good re-telling, I can even enjoy something like "She's the Man", but this just didn't work for me. I did love the fact that the authors included good old Yorrik. It was nice to see him be a part of things for once, and I liked the story they came up with for him.

Nov 14, AziaMinor marked it as to-read. I'm already a puddle. I cheated a bit by choosing this to fulfill the classic requirement for a reading challenge. But holy crap!!! This novelization of the play was exciting, fun and best of all, narrated by Richard Armitage. This may not appeal to a Shakespeare scholar but I would wholeheartedly recommend this to someone who's interested in the story of Hamlet but is hesitant to tackle the play. I've read both, I loved both, but I have to admit that this version was way much more fun!

Book 10 of my MacHalo Reading Challenge complete! Two more to go!!! May 30, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. A great re-telling of the story! Moments in the play, that are only given a line or two, are deeply investigated and given a whole new life. Liberties were taken as with any re-telling , th A great re-telling of the story! Liberties were taken as with any re-telling , that changed the nature of the relationships with the main characters. Ophelia gets a deeper, more significant role as well. Her relationship with Hamlet is complicated, and intense.

I feel like the book is a great back-stage pass to a legendary story. It pays a lot of respect to the play, while also crafting a story of its own. I very much recommend it. May 21, SQAGuru rated it it was amazing.

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Harley has once again masterfully added flesh and sinew to a Shakespeare tragedy, this time bringing the story of Hamlet to life. Those who have succeeded in reading the original may not appreciate Hartley's work. But for those of us who, despite our desire, have been unable to overcome the difficulty inherent in reading Shakespeare's Hamlet, Hartley and Hewson have given us a wonderful gift. Jan 01, T. Thorne rated it it was amazing. This was an outstanding book.

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As the author said in the end notes, it was not his intention to replace the play, but to grow a new thing from it and indeed he did, adding depth and richness to the classic tale about the unintended consequences of our actions and the sword of revenge that cuts both ways. Jan 02, Angela rated it it was amazing. Magnificent performance by one of my favorite voices, Richard Armitage cue swoon! I also really loved this book. I was amazed at the power of the writers to bring the tragedy to life from so many different viewpoints, digging deep into the story.

It was very well written and I have to agree with the award for Audiobook of the Year. What a great team. Jun 06, Melinda Griffith rated it really liked it Shelves: listened-to. I do not read Shakespeare often enough to comprehend it well. Ever since seeing Jude Law as Hamlet, i have wanted to better grasp the story. This novel did it for me. I listened to it on Audible and Richard Armitage did justice to the setting and the gravity of the tale. May 14, Heidi rated it it was amazing Shelves: amazing-audio , tale-as-old-as-time , and-you-thought-you-had-it-bad , feelin-classy , monster-mash , favorites , around-the-world , own-but-haven-t-read.

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Ah, so good!!! A fantastic reimagining of the well-known tale, and as always, Richard Armitage's involvement just improves things. Absolutely recommended for fans of either Hamlet or RA. This was phenomenal. Firstly, I'll be honest upfront, I would not have even glanced at this had it not been for Richard Armitage narrating the audiobook. But what I found very quickly is that the story and writing style is amazing, and I ended up getting the kindle version alas there is no physical book of this to read along with listening. Sorry Shakespeare, but I liked this novelization more than I like the actual play which is quite a lot, incidentally.

Hartley and Hewson have paid tribut This was phenomenal. Hartley and Hewson have paid tribute to the original text while offering us the explanations we need as readers.


Hamlet Summary

The characters are more human, more fleshed out, and because of this the tragedy of the story is truly elevated. Even if you know the plot of the play you will leave this story crushed and wishing desperately that things had been different. The latter storyline particularly defines and impacts everything about Hamlet as a character, and it makes so much sense I'm almost baffled that Shakespeare didn't write it that way himself.

For purists who are aghast I'll say there are no changes that aren't completely believable or implied within the source material. This was a great storytelling experience for so many reasons, and I'm already sad that I've finished it. Jul 19, Paul Ataua rated it it was ok. I get what commentators have said about it not being about regurgitating Shakespeare, and how we should judge it on its own merits. I guess I am one of a very small minority who found it a little boring among a large majo I get what commentators have said about it not being about regurgitating Shakespeare, and how we should judge it on its own merits.

I guess I am one of a very small minority who found it a little boring among a large majority who loved it. Feb 04, Lindsay rated it really liked it.