Knowledge and systems science : enabling systemic knowledge synthesis

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J Environ Manage. Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs. London: Defra; Closing the knowing-doing gap in invasive plant management: accessibility and interdisciplinarity of scientific research. Conserv Lett. Effectiveness in conservation practice: pointers from medicine and public health.

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Knowledge And Systems Science: Enabling Systemic Knowledge Synthesis Hardcover

Can methods applied in medicine be used to summarize and disseminate conservation research? Environ Conserv. Using conservation evidence to guide management. Clarifying differences between review designs and methods. Syst Rev. Collaboration for Environmental Evidence. Guidelines for systematic review and evidence synthesis in environmental Management. Version 4. Stewart G. Meta-analysis in applied ecology. Biol Lett. Applicability and feasibility of systematic review for performing evidence-based risk assessment in food and feed safety. Crit Rev Food Sci.

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ISSS 2016 Prospects for Scientific Systemic Synthesis

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Is organizational learning being absorbed by knowledge management? A systematic review

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Enabling Living Systematic Reviews and Clinical Guidelines through Semantic Technologies

Bates S, Coren E. SCIE systematic map report 1. The extent and impact of parental mental health problems on families and the acceptability, accessibility and effectiveness of interventions June Carr S, Clapton J. Systematic map report 2. The recovery approach in community-based vocational and training adult mental health day services July Systematic map report 3: The extent and impact of depression on BME older people and the acceptability, accessibility and effectiveness of social care provision December The effectiveness of integrated farm management, organic farming and agri-environment schemes for conserving biodiversity in temperate Europe—A systematic map.

Pinpointing needles in giant haystacks: use of text mining to reduce impractical screening workload in extremely large scoping reviews. Res Synth Methods. Evidence gap maps a tool for promoting evidence-informed policy and prioritizing future research policy research working paper December Youth and transferable skills: an evidence gap map. Educational interventions for preventing vascular catheter bloodstream infections in critical care: evidence map, systematic review and economic evaluation.

Health Technol Asses. The global evidence mapping initiative: scoping research in broad topic areas. The socioeconomic and environmental impacts of wood energy value chains in Sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic map protocol.

Which components or attributes of biodiversity influence which dimensions of poverty? The fitness consequences of inbreeding in natural populations and their implications for species conservation—a systematic map.

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  • How effective are on-farm mitigation measures for delivering an improved water environment? A systematic map. What is the impact of active management on biodiversity in forests set aside for conservation or restoration? What are the effects of agricultural management on soil organic carbon in boreo-temperate systems? What evidence exists on the impact of governance type on the conservation effectiveness of forest protected areas?

    Knowledge base and evidence gaps. EPPI-Reviewer 4. PLoS Med. Accuracy of data in abstracts of published research articles. J Am Med Assoc. Pullin AS. Updating reviews: commitments and opportunities.