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Very few installations are actually made "out of the box" as all sales of the product are through Microsoft-approved resellers who base their entire businesses on how many consulting hours they can apply to any given installation. The solution has a standard feature set, but it can also be thought of as an "ERP System construction set" if, at the end of the installation, you want to end up with every erector piece that was in the box still attached to your system.

A better analogy would be to think of the NAV program as a 4'x8' sheet of pegboard, with 4, evenly spaced holes. It is used to cover various sized company boxes, ranging in size from shoebox, through pizza box, knockdown furniture box, up to double-doored refrigerator box.

No matter the size box the underlying company is, the 4'x8' sheet of pegboard remains the same.

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It then becomes the reseller's job to link up whichever pegholes are needed to the specific company under the interface. They may not need all of the holes; some company boxes may need less than 1, links, but all of the holes remain visible to the end-user after the installation is complete. The Pascal-like development language is easily accessible to appropriate developers and is designed for rapidly customizing the software.

In first quarter of NAV reached , current customers. As a native international ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is available with 43 official localizations [8] and several unofficial ones provided by local partners.

13 reasons for selecting Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The customer purchases user sessions, which have access to certain parts of the system included. Under the previous licensing model, "Module Based License" MBL , users came with no functionality - this all had to be bought separately. With the arrival of NAV , Microsoft introduced a new licensing model called " Perpetual Licensing ", which considerably simplifies the pricing structure. With Perpetual Licensing, customers license the Solution functionality and access to that functionality is secured by licensing users.

User licenses are of two types: Full User or a very discounted Limited User. The full user has access to the entire system, where as the Limited user only has read access to the system, except write access key tables such as Time sheets, Warehouse Pick and Commenting plus any three extra tables of choice. In addition to the base product, Add-ons are sold by ISV 's. There are vertical and horizontal add-on solutions.

Horizontal add-on solutions supplement one of the NAV functions or add new function e. Vertical or industry-specific oriented add-ons expand NAV functionality to support some industry e. The majority of add-on solutions are multilingual with most supporting English.

Utilities are another form of add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV that make the resellers' jobs simpler. With this solution, it is possible to create a human resources and payroll database, as well as generate various types of documents, maintain work time and time and absence sheets, calculate employee remuneration and benefits, and post the payroll based on definable criteria.

LS NAV enables you to track your sales, inventories, and product life cycle throughout all sales channels, in points of sales or on an e-commerce platform and from mobile devices.

Advance Warehouse Management

Cosmo Consult Process Manufacturing — A business solution for the process manufacturing industry, particularly for manufacturers of plastics and chemicals such as paints and varnishes. Its aim is to increase business process efficiency, improve quality, boost staff performance and automate operations. It is a graphical method for visualized planning, including project phases, tasks and jobs scheduled on the timeline. Fleet planning — A solution for logistics and transportation companies. The functionalities with increased control capabilities for fuel usage and fuel level fluctuations, as well as an overview of vehicle routes and locations displayed on the map of Europe, multiple reports e.

Modus Furniture — A package of sophisticated tools designed for the furniture and wood processing industries. Modus Furniture can boost your competitiveness by enhancing your business presence in niches and supporting the diversity of your offerings for various target furniture markets. When selecting an ERP system, it is worth considering its integration capabilities to ensure that it can be enhanced with add-on software.

Microsoft Azure — A flexible and very efficient cloud platform, which helps companies to grow and respond promptly to changes. The Azure platform ensures unlimited scalability and efficiency, as well as the possibility to use the unlimited capacity of secure data warehouse. Master Data Management System — A comprehensive solution designed for master data synchronization and data management in dispersed and multi-subsidiary organizations. It improves management and workflow in multi-subsidiary companies.

Document Capture — A powerful business solution for scanning, registering and archiving company documents. It streamlines back office processes and eliminates redundant paperwork. Continia Expense Management — A mobile client solution that speeds up the settlement of all expenses incurred by mobile employees.

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TARGIT Decision Suite — The only business intelligence platform that offers visual data discovery tools, self-service business analytics, reporting, and transparent and intuitive dashboards within a single, integrated solution. Electronic data exchange EDI — A communication method for exchanging messages between systems in a standardized format. Such messages can include orders or invoices. It comprises rich functional extensions, which enable you to create an efficient workflow and automate task list management. Portal B2B — A solution that supports efficient collaboration and data exchange between customers, partners and employees.

Office — A collection of efficiency-boosting applications using the capabilities of cloud computing. With Office , you improve collaboration with your organization by sharing your files online, using a HD video conferencing tool, business e-mail and social networking platform. To ensure successful delivery, implementation projects are performed in compliance with the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 "Navision" ERP & Accellos Warehouse Management Systmem (WMS) Webinars:

It incorporates proven procedures that contribute to the faster delivery of an implementation project, ensuring increased quality and cost reductions at the same time. The first version of the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology was published in and was based on experience in worldwide Microsoft Dynamics implementation projects. In this methodology, the following five project types are distinguished based on their scope and complexity: Standard, Rapid, Enterprise, Agile and Upgrade. All these project types comprise 6 project phases: Diagnosis, Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment and Operation.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an effective solution that ensures effective and smooth communication within multi-subsidiary and multi-language companies as well as corporate business organizations.

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Frequently, such companies struggle with organizational problems and unstructured workflow. As they use multiple and separate databases, they experience problems due to data inconsistencies, inaccurate pricing policy and a lack of control over their business processes and process output.

To streamline implementation projects in such organizations, IT. The solution has been designed to synchronize and manage central data management systems in dispersed organizations. The solution is useful when a local subsidiary uses a stand-alone database. From the very beginning of Dynamics NAV existence, Microsoft has been providing open source code for their application, enabling its development for hundreds of companies around the world.

Improved working processes in your warehouse

As a result of such an open in a way even an open-source approach is getting an ecosystem and Dynamics community consisting of hundreds specific, functional solutions add-ons , which natively extend basic Dynamics Business Central functionalities. The biggest advantage of such solutions is that it is not necessary to raise any costs linked to preparation of both systems integration, as well as no modification in the user interface.

Additional solution, thanks to its nativity, causes no difference for the user if it is a super-standard or a standard functionality of the system. Funds saved on integration may be taken advantage of in the other system area.

The enterprise since 10 years is focused on development of its core product, being mobile solution for management of warehouse operations in the Dynamics family. Mobile WMS from TaskletFactory is a solution supporting and integrating functionalities available within Business Central along with external devices, e.

The solution has been founded on two systems: Windows CE and Android, and on a simple, but intuitive interface, which may be customized according to needs just like Business Central. The addition may be divided on two segments:. The end-user, receiving the solution, does not need to concern about having to prepare integration between solutions or lack of innovativeness and development of the own application in further years of operation.

Both values are covered by TaskletFactory, issuing actualizations in a cyclic manner. The thing mostly distinctive about Mobile WMS among other products are the five elements presented below:. Intersection of the available functionalities of the Mobile WMS solution has been depicted below:. Below you may find stages of the process of taking up document from a warehouse from the level of WMS Mobile application:. The interface of Mobile WMS has been adjusted to touchscreens and operation with its usage is possible both in the classic way, with gloves on or through special scribers.

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