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Go for result. Select those who have threaded or are treading where you someday desire to walk. Act — the difference between wannabes and achievers is acting on information. Have you ever been in a state where you are holding in your hand the last money that only you have claim to? I can tell you there are many sad situations a man can find himself and this is undoubtedly one that every man never desires.

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However, if you are in that state already or you are at the brink of getting in, then this post is for you. See, most times what separates the poor and the rich is not money itself but money psychology. How you respond to the fears accompanied by the lack of money or the challenges faced in its accumulation is key. Like I said few lines above, if you are in that situation or about to be, let this encourage you. They chose to let their heart be the master of money rather than surrendering to that haunting thought. You need to let your heart be in charge of money and give it directions and not the other way round.

This is the singular reason why people steal when in public office.

New Practical Money Skills Workbook for Adults

Anyone you know that steals money is a victim of this dark emotion. They will always feel financially insecure irrespective of how much they have. The reason why you should kill such thoughts is it will blind your eyes to opportunities that could make you rich. Nobody makes great money and investment decision under fear.

And yours will not be different.

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One of the ways to get rid of such fear is to give money away when you have such feelings. You think? Yes, it is but it will liberate you and make you a free man after all one of the reasons you desire to be financially free is to have zero worries about how to take care of your lifestyle so why should your goal put you in bondage. Give money away and your heart will be taught how never to be afraid but to be the master of money.

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I remember taking a course in my undergraduate days where the lecturer gave us the funniest definition of money. I did too. Everyone who answered with his definition was marked wrong.

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Funny how school educational system operates. Let me break it down. Money is an idea that man came up with to solve the problem associated with exchange of goods and services.

Imagine if you have need of a pair of shoes and someone who has them requests you to bring a land. To this end, money was introduced. So we can say money is a means of exchange, measure of value and so on. In other words, whatever does the work of money is money. When you go to deposit money in the bank, what you are carrying is paper yes, paper that is issued and backed by the government of your nation. I call that the physical state of money. After you have deposited it, your money takes up another state which is the virtual state of money.

You now see reasons why money has no form or shape?

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I know you head is calculating, how then can i have more of money, well, the answer is this, engage in activities that will make people come to you for your products or services. Anywhere you find people exchanging goods and services, money will be there. Look for what will make people need you and you will find out how simple the language of money is.

Remember, money will always be where problems are being solved, needs are being met, goods and services are being exchanged. I bet you do.

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If you desire to be rich, draw your ears and listen to this; money is governed by laws. There are some few cases where some people are gifted money or win a lottery but most of such people lose it before they could finish counting it just like the people mentioned in the first sentence. If you want to be excluded from this set of folks, there are things you should never do with money. The rich make it their duty to make money, keep money and grow money. If all you do is spend all your money, the good book says that is what foolish people do.

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