Studies of the Constitution of Steel

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Early Pyrotechnolgy - Pottery. Early Pyrotechnolgy - 2. First Technical Uses. Overview of Major Steels: Scientific Steels. Large Pictures chapter Large Pictures 2 - Chapter Osmund Iron in the Gdansk Museum. Ostwald Ripening. Etching Steel. Dislocation Science - 1. The Basics. Celtic Anthropoid Sword Hilts.

The Al - Cu System. Smelting Science. Smelting Science - 5.

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Smelting Details 2. Early Pyrotechnolgy. Maraging Steel. Wootz Patterns. Additional Pictures - Chapter 1. Illerup Swords with Special Patterns. Sword Names. Antique Texts Concerning Crucible Steel. More Luristan Swords. Meteoritic Iron. Northern Sword Types of the First Millennium. Serpent in the Sword.

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Copper Microstructure Tells It All. Early Metal Technology.

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The Thomas - Gilchrist Process. Composite Materials. Grain Boundary - Advanced. Listen to the Smiths! Early Pyrotechnology. Additional Pictures. Materials Musings.

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    Solingen Swords. The Siemens - Martin Process. Iron in Africa. Analyzing the Forging of a "Viking" Sword. Radiographie Study of Pattern Welded Swords. Additional Pictures chapter Large pictures. Georgius Agricola , De Re Metallica published If you haven't heard about this book, I can't help you much here. A rather illustrious person considered it important enough to translate the Latin original it to English in Herbert Hoover , the 31st President of the United States from to Known as "the father of mineralogy", he was born at Glauchau in Saxony.

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    De Re Metallica is his most famous book; it was finished around but did not appear in print before De Re Metallica covers how to extract ores from the ground and metals from the ore in considerable detail and in an scientific way without as usual referring to all kinds of spirits and magic. It is lavishly illustrated by wonderful woodcuts; here is a sample. Michael F. Ashby and David R.

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    Among the most important early books first issued about mechanical or structural Materials Science. I owe a lot to these books. There are a lot more good Materials Science books around in when I'm writing this. But "Engineering Materials I and II" are still and among the best and an easy read for anybody with a background of physics and math only slightly above a German High School level. I owe a ot to these books and recommend them heartily.

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    The 5 ponderous volumes from just before still provide for good reading provided you're fluent in German even so the author can't tell you much about the science of steel. That is not Beck's fault: In the basics for materials science had not yet been discovered. A study of the sword remains found in essentially Northern Europe that date to the migration period, roughly AD - AD. Behmer looks at stylistic and technical details of all the parts around a sword and no just the often missing blade. We have in particular the pommel, crossguard, handle parts and the many metal parts found around a scabbard.

    Behmer distinguishes 3 major groups, further subdivided in 11 sub-groups. His system overlaps to some extent with the more modern system that looks at the blade. He relates certain styles to certain areas, cultures and times. His interpretations, it seems, are still setting the standard in many cases. Vanoccio Biringuccio De la Pirotecnica. Biringuccio was an Italian metallurgist. His best known manual on metalworking "De la pirotechnia" was ,published posthumously in , 14 years before Agricola. In contrast to Agricola, Biringuccio puts a lot of emphasis on casting metals; "De la pirotechnia" is the first printed account of proper foundry practice.

    But like Agricola, it also gives details about mining, smelting, and processing of many metals and alloys such as brass. One of the best books as far as most aspects of the topic go. They contain many pictures, in particular structural micrographs, especially of slag. Buchwald covers mostly northern topics that he investigated himself, for example pattern welding, but does not deal much with wootz. The books presuppose familiarity with phase diagrams, metallography etc. Vagn Fabricius Buchwald was born in The books were published in or , resp.

    Buchwald also published a lot of scientific papers. His life as scientist was dedicated to the science and history of metals, in particular meteorites and iron and steel. There is no way that somebody like me, who looks into the issue just "on the side as a kind of hobby, can match Buchwald's experience and knowledge. After you have familiarized yourself with the basics of iron and steel metallurgy by going through this hyperscript.

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    Scand, 22 10 , — Bellavance, M. Vlasse, B. Solid State Chem.

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    Fruchart, A. Roger, and J. Doan, Jr. Hofmann, K. Seite and A. Carlsson, M.

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    Golin, and S. Ban-ya and M. Polyakov, Yu. Pyshkin, V. Vovk, and K. Wappling, L.