The Contest Problem: Annual High School Mathematics Exams,1966-72

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To aid readers essential data on publishers of books and other items are provided in the listings in each issue, and the addresses of periodicals read regularly by TIE are given at the end of the GUIDE in the Winter issue of each year. Volume 9 , Issue 2.

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Share Give access Share full text access. Share full text access. Often the best solutions, and the deepest learning, come when there is time to reflect. This book offers the convenience and lower cost of bundling - and much more:. Additional solutions. Although most solutions in this book are the same as provided in the complete solution manual made available right after each exam is given, there have been some editorial improvements in them and some additional solutions have been added.

Some of these additional solutions weren't in the solution pamphlets due to space limits, some are solutions mailed to us by students and teachers, and some were provided by members of the MAA Publications committee when they reviewed our manuscript. An index.

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If a reader wishes to work on specific types of problems, this index makes it possible. Pointers to other material. We have added some further references to related problems and to articles and books that expand upon ideas in some of the problems. In order to get good exams, one must begin with many more problems than will fit. Invariably, some very good problems don't make the final cut. We provide two sets of dropped problems heretofore never revealed! We provide frequency-response tables that show how popular each answer was for each question. The introduction to that section explains how one can use these tables to calibrate one's work and identify important mathematical errors.

You can learn from this book through both the problems you get right and the problems you get wrong. After doing a problem or a set of problems - but you don't need to stick to the time limits , first look at the answer key. If you got the right answer, then look at our solution s to compare with yours. If you are fortunate, our solution will be very different from yours and will thus introduce you to an alternative approach.

If you got the wrong answer, go back to the problem before looking at the solution.

Contest Problem 5

Just knowing that your answer was wrong or sometimes knowing the right answer will jog you into seeing your error and. If not, then look at the solution. Ask yourself: What is the key idea in this solution that I missed or misunderstood? Another good thing to do with any problem is to change the hypotheses and see how the conclusions change.

More generally, see if you can use ideas from this book to make up and solve new problems at the right challenge level for you and your friends. Problem posing can be as good a learning experience as problem solving. We hope this book will be used not just by individuals, but also by math clubs or groups of students working together in class or elsewhere. Sharing ideas - from initial false starts through to a joint solution - is sometimes the most exciting way to do mathematics. Do not be diswumged if there are many problems you cannot solve.

Problem From The Hardest Test - What Is The Area?

These are hard exams and are meant to challenge almost everybody. The fewest Honor Roll students was in , the most in The AIME is even more difficult.

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  • On average, the extremely able students who took it scored about 5 out of 15, and only 11 students obtained a perfect 15 during these years. Algorithmic Number Theory, S. Arun Kumar.


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